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Haco HSLX 10' x 1/4" Hydraulic Hydraulic Shear

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Standard Frame HSLX 10 x 1/4"
SC100T Shear control with Touch screen
Pendant control panel
Sheet Support
Safety equipment for HSLX 10 x 1/4"
Standard Hold downs
CYAN251013-Dark Grey
Finger protection Type II with hand gaps
Motorized back gauge 40 Inch, 4.3 Inch/sec Ball screw spindle.
Standard Plate support 20 inch and 2 Ball transfer units
Squaring arm of 40 inch and 3 Ball transfer units
Cutting line illumination with wire
Set of blades for stainless Steel
Full Table Option

Guillotine shears have several advantages above swingbeam type shears. They are made to cut several material types and thicknesses and have no twist in the frame like swingbeam types.
New operator control
On the HSLX models, the beam rake angle and the blade gap setting are controlled by the new SC90 operator control. We adjust the rake angle on the HSLX guillotines by pumping more oil into, or releasing oil out of the right cylinder.
To set the blade gap, we have 2 hydraulic cylinders which push the ram of the blade gap forward or backwards. The ram is guided between 4 spring loaded bearings.
Automatically set blade gap settings
With the new SC10 control, the rake angle and blade gap settings are set automatically by entering the material type and thickness of the sheet to be cut.
The servo-driven backgauge on ball-screw in combination with the SC90 control, allows the operator to program different target positions for several cuts over one sheet and cut the sheets without any need to touch the operator control.
Hydraulic controlled hold-downs
The sheet hold-downs on the HSLX guillotine models are hydraulic controlled. The hold-downs use a separate hydraulic circuit with separate pump. A pressure activated switch is used for the right pressure setting. The hold-downs on both sides of the shear are installed closer together to cut small plates.
The HSLX guillotines come standard with a shadow light function, to be able cutting of plate, without the use of a backgauge.

Light guard system
All Haco guillotines are equipped with European Safety Specifications. To allow much easier and safer access to the rear of the guillotine and to prevent injury while cutting HACO applies an optical guard system.
Our optional pneumatic thin sheet hold-up system is assuring the perfect gauging while entering the sheet into the machine as well as supporting during the cutting action. During the cutting action and when not in use, the arms rest under a cover, thus avoiding damaging the arms itself when cutting heavier material.

Heavy duty plate hold-up system
We also offer heavy duty conveyor and plate hold-up systems. The pneumatic plate hold-up arms hold the plate for perfect gauging. A strip of scrap can be cut and automatically removed to the scrap shute (Ex: when starting a series of cuts with a new plate). The conveyor transports the plates to a pallet or stacking system provided by the customer.

Standard Features SC10 control:
Monochrome LCD screen.
Material type list
Automatic electro-hydraulic blade gap setting
Automatic electro-hydraulic cutting angle setting
Automatic programmable retraction of the back gauge.
Cutting length adjustment.
Backlash compensation.
Delayed sheet release selector
Mode selection Inch-Metric.
(Preset) counter with 0-stop
Programmable backstop settings
Standard Machine Features:
All steel welded interlocked Monoblock construction
HSLX guillotines are upper driven by 2 top cylinders
Two cutting blades each 4 cutting edges.
Squaring arm with scale, T-slot and tilting stop.
Tilting sheet hold-downs independent from the shearing pressure.
Cutting line illumination
Motorized, backgauge, on ballscrews, SERVO driven.
Hand Safety Guard
Back safety light guard combined with side safety fences.
Foot pedal control
Operation & maintenance manual

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