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WA Whitney

The Leader in Plate Technology

W.A. Whitney manufactures thermal cutting, punching, and punch/plasma equipment systems and tooling for manufacturers who use plate, sheet metal and structural shapes. Primary customers are heavy equipment manufacturers of agricultural and construction equipment, although the company serves other industries as well. Quality, capability and performance have earned W.A. Whitney a dominant market share, a highly respected reputation and a global presence. The company is also very successful financially, realizing over 90 continuous years of profitability.

Punch/Plasma Combinations

Achieve the lowest cost of equipment ownership with Whitney’s combination machines. The RAMPAGE!™ Oxygen Plasma Cutting System combines with the power of hydraulic punching to produce precision parts from plate up to 1" thick. (RAMPAGE!.pdf)

Extremely high speed, dross-free plasma cutting, clean hydraulic punching, and precision forming work together to produce complete parts in one operation. Parts flow directly to bending, robotic welding or assembly.

Hydraulic punching is the lowest cost, most accurate way of producing holes. You determine whether standard tooling or the very tough premium TuffSkin™ punches are best for your application. Full bodied tooling, insert punches and forming tools, all available in standard or TuffSkin, expand the capabilities of your punch/plasma combination. The Tooling Configurator helps you choose the right tooling for a specific job.

A variety of integrated, automatic and semi-automatic material handling equipment further enhances punch/plasma machine productivity.

Laser Cutting Systems

The PlateLASER®-II and original PlateLASER® Cutting Systems laser cut large, heavy plate with speed and accuracy. With each PlateLASER machine, you easily produce parts from mild and stainless plate up to 1-1/4" thick and aluminum up to 1/2" thick.

PlateLASER machines offer rapid piercing to begin laser cutting faster and laser pierce internal feature holes as small as .3 times the overall thickness of the plate.

The PlateHANDLER® fully integrated, automatic load/unload material handling system loads plate up to 4,600 pounds onto the PlateLASER pallet tables and unloads finished nests and skeletons.

Precision Plasma Cutting Tables

The new, affordable STORM plasma cutting machines offer you exceptional quality in a basic machine capable of cutting up to one inch thick carbon. Choose from three Hypertherm cutting systems and three table sizes to meet your production needs. Basic machine starts at only $75,000.

ADVANTAGE Precision Plasma Cutting Tables bring rugged precision, quality and reliability to precision plasma cutting. Three table sizes and three Hypertherm® Plasma System options combine to give you the right plasma cutting machine for your application.

An optional, fully automated, six-station drilling/tapping attachment increases productivity and flexibility of the ADVANTAGE.

CNC Precision Fabricators

Precision Fabricators with 50 tons of power punch and form plate up to 1/2" thick. The optional Angle Iron Attachment allows you to punch angle iron with repeatability and accuracy with the same machine.

The Panelgage 1000 Control, is operator-friendly and features multiple part programming, six canned cycles, and on-board diagnostics.

Engineers are available to develop special tooling for your unique applications.

Punch and Die Tooling

Whitney’s punch and die tooling — 28XX, 36TC™, Ironworker and Structural - increases productivity, and offers maximum tool life at a minimal investment.

New premium TuffSkin tooling, specially formulated to extend wear and withstand high compressive stresses, lasts up to ten times longer than standard tooling. An advanced chemical process combines with the extra strength base materials to form an abrasion resistant surface that does not flake off. (TuffSkin.pdf)

Tooling engineers will work with you to create special punch and die tooling for challenging applications.

Hydraulic Portable Presses

Versatile, portable hydraulic web presses and hydraulic flange presses punch holes in flats and structural shapes at the lowest possible cost. Fast, clean punched holes require no secondary operations.

Hydraulic flange presses range from 20 to 250 ton capacity; hydraulic web presses from 20 to 150 ton capacity.