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Leasing: Why buy?

When you can Rent/Lease the New or Used Machine you need with a Low cash outlay, affordable monthly payments, and a tax advantage to boot!

With such attractive terms, your only requirement is to decide if you can keep the machine busy... perhaps fifty per cent of the time available.

If the answer is yes, you need only give us an order to get started.

Consider these important advantages to your business:

  • You get a new efficient machine(s) without depleting cash reserves.
  • You get greater productivity and higher profits, yet you have available working capital for growth opportunities, increased inventories, maintenance of lines of credit, etc.
  • You get an affordable purchase option plan with a built-in hedge against inflation because you pin-point the price now, even though you may not take title until years later.
  • Leasing, of course, offers you the advantage of accelerated depreciation, in as much you write off all of your lease payments. Therefore, it is a proper way to reduce you tax liability.


BLISS C-45 - $32,911.00
complete incl. freight & taxes
For as little as $700.00 down
First 6 months = $677.97 per mo.
Next 57 months = $677.97 per mo.

$592.40 / 170 hrs./ work month = $3.48 per hr.
Purchase option at end of lease = $6582.00
A New Machine for little as
$3.48 per hr.

At the beginning of the lease, the first lease payment and miscellaneous filing and recording fees are required. Lease payments are subject to California State Sales Tax and Property Taxes are for your company's account. Lease application are available and are subject to credit check.

To calculate lease terms fill in the following form. We can also create a lease, customized with a rate and payments subject to your needs. Please contact us if you are interested in this.

Type of Lease

Number of Payments

Cost of Machine (For cost above $100,000, contact us for a quote.)


If you are interested in our financing program, please download and fill out the following form and submit it to us: IFN Machine Tools Credit Application