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Omax 2652 Waterjet

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Table Width: 2.2'
Table Length: 4.3'
Control: Intellimax
Pump: 40 HP
Max Cutting Pressure: 60,000 PSI
Power Requirement: 460-480/3/60
Backlash: 0.0007" Max. (0.018mm)
Squareness: 0.002” Per Ft (0.17 mm/m)
Straightness: 0.003” Per Ft (0.25 mm/m)
Repeatability: +/-0.002” (0.051 mm)
Over One Foot Travel: +/-0.003” (0.08 mm)

40 HP Variable Speed Direct Drive Pump with Dual On/Off Valve
Built-In Array Nesting Routines That Optimize Part Placement for Optimum Material Use
Dell Personal Computer Using Intel Pentium Chip/DVD Drive/Ethernet Network Card/Modem/USB/Closed Loop/Digital Drives/Brushless Servo Motors
Integrated CAD/CAM System with Intelli-MAX Cutting by OMAX
INTELLI-TRACE™ Feature That Automatically Traces a Photograph or Bitmapped Image and Converts to a Layout Drawing
Motorized Precision Z-Axis Controlled from Software
OMAX Patented Motion Control Software Incorporating Windows XP Software
Optimal Stack Height Calculator
Pre-Loaded Ballscrews with Recirculating Ball Bearings and Hardened Precision Ground Ways
Tilt-A-Jet Automatic Taper Reduction
Windows XP-Based Controller
600 lb. Abrasive Delivery System
Garnet Removal System

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