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Stock ID: #9540



Capacity (Mild Steel): 1/4”
Maximum Shearing Length: 122 3/4”
Rake Taper At Max Rake: 3/8” Per Foot
Back Gage Range (increased Speed): 48” @ 120 I.p.m
Number Of Hold Downs: 12
Distance Under Hold Downs: 1”
Strokes Per Minute: 32-70
Motor Horsepower: 25
Controller: Digital Gauge Control
Squaring Arm: 10’ Left Hand Mounted
Approximate Overall Weight: 16,600 Lbs
Approximate Overall Dimensions: 172” X 86”x 87”

INCLUDES: Digital Backgauge and Stroke Controller, (2) Front Support Arms, Light Beam Shearing Gage, Electronically Adjustable Rake Angle, Electronically Adjustable Blade Gap Adjustment, Variable Stroke Length, Automatic Lube System, Electric Foot Switch, Oil Cooler

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