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Dreis & Krumpf 512-D Mechanical Brake

Stock ID: #9520


Capacity (Near Bottom of Stroke): 225 Tons
Capacity (Mid Stroke): 150 Tons
Overall length of Bed & Ram: 14’ 6"
Distance Between Housings: 12’6”
Stroke: 3”
Shut Height: 12”
Ram Adjustment: 5”
Throat: 14”
Speeds High Approach Form: 30 SPM
Motor Horsepower: 15

Tilting Ram Adjustment with indicators (Indicators are broken) Tilt works!
Bed & Ram Machines for Angles
Forward / Reverse Main Motor Controls
Ram Brake
Several forming dies (SEE PICTURES)

Pit Required 150"Long x 28" Deep

44,000 LBS
210" L X 97" DEEP X 122" HEIGHT

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