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*******please make a note this unit only has 10 hours of on time

$110,000 new cost replacement
this is a mig type system

Dimensional Specifications*
Frame length (including table rotation) 2870 mm (113")
Frame width 1676 mm (66")
Frame height 2286 mm (90")
Table rotation diameter 1524 mm (60")
Table bolt pattern M12 on 6"x6" @ 18"
from table centerline
Table load height (from floor) 762 mm (30")
Table payload per side 113 kg (250 lb)
Table index method Manual Activation
Maximum fixture/part height (above platen) 1066 mm (42")
Machine weight 1542 kg (3400 lb)
Input voltage (standard) 460 VAC
Number of phases 3
Amperage drawy in one central location.

Manufacturing Flexibility• Working area is up to 20% larger than comparablestandard systems. Accommodates nominal part sizesof 12" x 53", 18" x 45" and 24" x 30".• Fully-welded frame, shipped to you completely pre-wiredand pre-assembled, eliminates assembly time, gettingyou up and running in minutes.• Easy to relocate — simply disconnect the utilities,move to the new location, and reconnect the utilities.• Platen design with a bolt pattern makes it easy toexchange multiple repeatable fi xtures on the samework cell.• Integrated operator control panel and full-color teachpendant offer you full system control, diagnostics, andprogramming capability in one central location.

• Fast installation. Pre-assembled and pre-wired, PerformArc systems are installed quickly, reducing installation costs. Single power/air connections simplify the setup process, minimizing downtime so you can start using your new robotic welding system faster. These advantages are realized on initial installations and future moves — reducing the overall cost of ownership.
• Low total cost of ownership. PerformArc systems require little maintenance. Their rugged construction helps prevent expensive repairs and costly downtime.
• Operator and cell protection. Every PerformArc system includes multiple features to protect operators and equipment — and increase cell uptime.
• Lower risk. Your new PerformArc system is a proven solution that’s backed by 24/7/365 support. Our optional Smart Start program provides your team with the knowledge to make your implementation a success.
• Increase productivity. Let your operators run automated weld cells and they’ll be three times more productive than when they were welding manually.
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