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Amada Pulsar 2415ANT Laser

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Output: 2500 Watts
Maximum Sheet Size: 61" (Y) x 198" (X) with one repositioning cycle
Maximum Axis Travel: 61" (Y) x 99" (X) x 11.8" (Z) x 0.78" (B)
Maximum Cutting Speed: 2362 IPM
Maximum Table Speed: 3,149 IPM. Per axis (4,454"/min. 45O vector)
Maximum Speed - Z-Axis: 2362 IPM
Positioning Accuracy: 1: 0.0004"/20"
Repeatability: 0.0002"
Maximum Material Weight: 727 lbs. (5' x 10' x 3/8" or 4' x 8' x 1/2")
Number of Clamps: 3
Work Chute: 66" (Y) x 21" (X)
Assist Gas: 4 ports, part program selectable
Machine Weight: 13,640 lbs including laser resonator
Electrical Requirements:480 volts 3 phase
(1) Processing accuracy will be different
CNC Controller Model: FANUC 160i-L - 32 bit
Display: LCD Color Graphics Display
Control Function: X, Y, Z, and B Simultaneous 3 Axis and B axis Laser Power Control
Input Method: MDI, Edit, DNC or 3" PC Compatible Floppy Disk
Minimum Command Unit: 0.0001" (X, Y, Z)
Minimum Travel Unit: 0.0001" (X, Y, Z)
Operating Modes: Automatic, MDI & Manual
Display Modes: Program Contents, Position Information, Program Check, Settings, Parameters, Beam Diameter Compensation, Assist Gas Status,
Interlock Displays Water Temperature, Gas Pressure, Vacuum Leak, Blower Malfunction, Shutter Power, Discharge, Assist Gas, Door Open
LMP3015-6 Shelf Loader
Hours: 43334

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