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Janda M60-6-120-1C2T Multi-Head (6 Welding Guns) Welder

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This multi-head system has a 60" pass through, both the upper and the lower platens are Blanchard ground, and can adjust up and down on a Blanchard ground up-rights. All six of the 16-1 ratio weld guns adjust left-right through a T-slot in the upper platen. The weld-guns also adjust in-out 1 1/2". The two weld-guns will have standard straight water-cooled cable-electrode adapters with No. 2 M.T. electrodes, and the two center guns will 3/4" offset adapters, so that welds will be as per you're print. The two 120 K.V.A., 460 V., Single phase weld transformers will mounted offset of the center of the machine, behind the weld guns and the Weld Control is mounter on the right side of the frame. A 1/2" air regulator assembly in mounted on the left side of the machine.

The machine is complete, 200 AMPS, Single=phase, 480 Volts, Electrical input. 80-150 P.S.I. air, and 68 degree F. Water 1/2" NPT in, and 3/4" NPT out.

Equipped With:

1. Janda Multi-Head (6 Welding Guns) Welder
2. Air-Cooled Chiller (R4000 Cooling System)
3. Transformer
4. Breaker Panel
5. Porter Cable Air Compressor

****Less than 20 hours on it******

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