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Trumpf 2020R CNC Punch W/FMC Compact Loader

Stock ID: #8928



Bosch Type 3 CNC Control

FMC Compact Sheet Load/Unload

Load Quantity of Tooling


Tonnage Capacity 22 Tons

Maximum Sheet Thickness 1/4"

Maximum Punch Diameter 3"

Y-Axis Table Travel 50"

X-Axis Table Travel 100"

Maximum Workpiece Weight 330 Lbs

Stroke Rate, Punching 1.00" Pitch 420 SPM

Maximum Positioning Speed (Y-Axis) 2400 IPM

Maximum Positioning Speed (X-Axis) 3600 IPM

Machine Weight W/Automation 38,000 Lbs


Bosch Type 3 CNC Control

19 Station Linear Tool Changer

Ball Transfer Tables

FMC Compact Sheet Load/Unload

Slug Conveyor

Large Quantity of Tooling

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