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Cincinnati CL-800 Laser

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The CL-800 controls Human Machine Interface (HMI) is easily understood and intuitive in its use enabling operators to produce good parts independently. In a work environment where operators often switch from machine to machine it is key to have a control where one can be cutting parts quickly, fast and accurately. The CL-800 control excels in this area.
The CINCINNATI HMI has a touch screen display, easy to understand buttons and a full size keyboard. Using the Windows Operating System, the operator feels right at home. The HMI is located where the operator can easily monitor the cutting process while loading and unloading the CL-800.
Rather than using cumbersome tech tables, the CL-800 uses Dynamic Power Control (DPC), which computes optimum power and the fastest possible cutting speed for any material on the fly.
High-Speed Linear Motors
Linear motors are the fastest, most direct way to move a laser cutting head. CINCINNATI introduced the linear motors in 1996 on the CL-707 , a design concept since employed by many machine tool manufacturers. The CL-800 uses a third generation design water-cooled linear motor drive system. CINCINNATI engineers developed fast, smooth, accurate, trouble free linear motors that set the pace in machine tool design.
Dual Pallet Productivity
CINCINNATI has been the leader in dual pallet lasers for 20 years. The CL-800 design is still the simplest and most reliable available. Best of all, the system is contained within the 1¼" plate steel load frame to withstand the rigors of any shop environment. Both pallets move simultaneously providing the fastest transition between nests. Less beam-off time results in more parts at the end of the day.
Advanced Programming Software
Outstanding Laser Programming and Nesting Software can double your productivity and improve material utilization. Software written by Cincinnati Incorporated specifically to get the most from the CL-800 is a standard feature.
CL-800 A new benchmark for machine accuracy and improved part quality
Accurate Motion Control System
CINCINNATI pioneered the utilization of a DSP motion controller, linear encoders, fiber-optic communications and linear motors to maintain unparalleled accuracy at very high speeds. The CL-800 incorporates the latest designs in each of these technologies. With a positioning accuracy of +.001", DPC, material clamping and kerf width compensation it provides parts that are more accurate than most shops can measure.
High Strength, Low Weight Gantry

The aluminum honeycomb gantry uses advanced aerospace technology. The low gantry weight enables the CL-800 to achieve accelerations in excess of 2.5 G. High acceleration is needed when processing parts with small radius arcs and sharp corners at high speeds.
The aluminum honeycomb provides an exceptionally rigid mounting for the cutting head. This stiffness eliminates deflection at high acceleration, ensuring exceptional part accuracy.
Exceeding Industry Standards in Machine Reliability and Durability
Robust steel plate construction and heavy-duty industrial components are the foundation for providing world class OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), a benchmark in Six Sigma quality.
5000 Watt Resonator

The CL-800 resonator is from the most trusted name in industry, GE Fanuc. GE Fanuc is the world leader in improving OEE.
CINCINNATI spent years evaluating high power lasers and the latest from GE Fanuc is the very best available. The design is bulletproof. All maintenance can be accomplished in the field. CINCINNATI has used GE Fanuc resonators for 12 years and all have been able to maintain like-new performance with routine scheduled maintenance.
Combine the unparalleled reliability of the resonator with advanced diagnostics and the result is the CL-800 will spend more time cutting productively.
Heavy Construction
With lasers, as with all machines, a heavy machine is more durable, more stable and more accurate. The CINCINNATI CL-800 is constructed out of ¾" to 1 ½" steel plate. This makes it the heaviest, most robust machine available today. It is built to stand up to years of rigorous use in the most demanding environment. Steel plate is cut, formed, welded, stress relieved and precision machined to make an extremely rigid base for all laser machine components. The separate load frame is made of 1 ½" plate steel. It is designed to withstand the abuse of loading and unloading of heavy material without affecting the cutting process.
Historically, the robust construction of CINCINNATI lasers leads to a high resale value making the cost of ownership less than you might expect.

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