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Cincinnati 230AF8 CNC Brake

Stock ID: #8875


Rated Tonnage at Bottom of Stroke: 230 Tons
Overall Length of Bed & Ram: 14' (2' Horns each side)
Distance between Housings: 8'-6"
Length of Stroke: 10"
Open Height: 17"
Closed Height: 7"
Throat Depth: 12"
Bed Width: 5.5"
High Speed-Approach: 230 IPM
Variable Speed-Form: 1 to 45 IPM
Variable Speed-Return: 1 to 250 IPM
Main Motor Horsepower: 25 HP
Dimensions - Approximate: 177"(L-R) x 72"(F-B) 126"(H)
Weight - Approximate: 39,000 Lbs.


********IMPORTANT NOTE: Cincinnati Inc. Upgraded Autoform 6-Axis Control (PC-HMI) ******Retrofit 2015 Generation 5, 24" Autoform 6-Axis gauge (X1,X2,Z1,Z2,R1,R2)
Automatic Bed crowning Deflection Compensation
Programmable Forming Speeds, Ram Opening, Reversal, and Tonnage
Precision Ram Leveling with Dual Linear Glass Scale Encoder
12' Lower Die Rail and Upper Rail with Die Clamps
Adjustable Laser Beam Light Curtains
Dual Palm Buttons on Seperate Treadle
Programmable Electric foot Treadle
Auto Clamping Top & Bottom

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