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Accurpress 717514 Hydraulic Brake

Stock ID: #8664


Tonnage:175 tons
Overall length bed/ram: 14’
Distance between housings: 148”
Ram feedback type: Scale
Ram depth stop style:
Through control

Ram tilt adjustment:
Powered Backgauge range :24”
Number of gauging axis: 2
Backgauge speed: 800 IPM
Backgauge holding force: 200 Lbs.
R axis travel: 10”
Stroke length:8”
Throat depth:10”
Clamp style (American or European):American
Ram clamps (sectionalized or solid bar) Sectionalized
Hydraulic or manual clamping:Manual
Die space (open height):14”
Die space (closed height):6”
Number of cylinders:2
Advance speed:71 IPM
Pressing speed:20 IPM
Return speed:160 IPM
Die holder type:Standard
Bed height:34”
Bed cap width:8”
Main motor:20 HP

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