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Amada FO-3015NT Laser

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3-Axis Linear Motor Drive Laser Cutting System

Wattage Capacity: 4000 kW
Max Mass of Load: 2028 Lbs
Max Cutting Speed: 2362 IPM
Acceleration: X,Y: 1.5 G/ Z 3.0 G
Maximum Work Area: 121" x 61" x 3.94"
Maximum Sheet Size: 120" x 60"
X-Axis Range: 129"
Y-Axis Range: 61"
Cutting Head: Cartridge Type
Z Axis Sensor: HS-2000 (Anti Plasma Noise Resistant)
Laser Oscillator: Fanuc AF4000i-B
Maximum positioning speed (Rapid): 4724 IPM
Maximum positioning speed (Rapid): 4724 IPM
Maximum positioning speed (Rapid): 4724 IPM
Simultaneous X Axis + Y Axis: 6681 IPM

Power Requirements: Machine 51 KVA/ Oscillator 55 KVA/ Chiller 27 KVA
Machine Weight: 27000 LBS

Laser production cutting specifications for Fanuc AF4000i-B Oscillator
CW Power: 4000 watts
Peak pulse power: 5000 watts
Maximum material thickness (not to exceed weight limitation of cutting tab
Carbon steel: 0.875"
Stainless steel: 0.500" "CleanCut"
Aluminum: 0.375"

Hours: 28,748

Equipped With

AMNC-F 32 bit CNC Control, Laser Oscillator, Fanuc AF4000i-B
LST Shuttle Table 60" x 120"

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