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Trumpf C-110 CNC Press Brake

Stock ID: #8493



Maximum Tonnage: 121 Ton
Maximum Bending Length: 122"
Clear Distance Between Housings: 105.9"
Maximum Stroke: 7.87"
Throat Clearance From Center of Dies: 16.5"
Table width: 3.94"
Installation Height: 18.5"
Tool Installation Height (TRUMPF): 13.5"
Working Height With Lower Tool: 3.9"
Programmable Inclined Position of Y-axis Beam: 39.4"
Y-Axis Beam Rapid Travel Rate Plus or Minus:.12"
Y-Axis Beam Working Speed: 3.94 IPS
Y-axis beam return speed: .315 IPS
Travel range, X-axis: 19.69"
Travel speed, X-axis: 13.8 IPS
Travel range, R-axis: 13.4"
Travel Speed, R-Axis: 3.94 IPS
Main Motor Drive: 10 HP

Equipped With:

Trumpf Delem DA-65TW 6 Axis CNC Control w/Color Graphics 4 Axis Back Gauge

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